Services for You, Guided by You

People who are in a Medicaid waiver program have the right to help decide how their services are provided. We call this person-centered planning because it revolves around you – the person who is getting waiver services.

Person-centered planning identifies and highlights your talents, gifts and capabilities. The planning process lets you explore and discover where in your community you can share your gifts and where your contributions will be valued. For example, your love of and compassion for animals might become a job as a dog walker or working in a veterinarian’s office.

Organizations that provide waiver services are required by law to provide a person-center plan for each person they serve. But more importantly, they will work with you to figure out the best way to provide services, so you can reach your full potential in life.

HHS currently is working on several initiatives to shift toward a service model driven by the wants and needs of people who get HHS services.