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Protecting Vulnerable Texans
Working with clients, families and communities, HHS aims to protect children, the elderly and people with disabilities from abuse, neglect and exploitation.
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HHS works to achieve the highest standards of customer service and make it easier for qualified Texans to find the services and benefits they need.
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Accountable. Responsive. Transparent. These are the values that guide HHS when providing health, protective and social services to millions of qualified Texans.
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Featured News

May Highlights Mental Health in Texas

Mental health is as important as physical health. Both are inextricably intertwined, a fact Texas is recognizing with an increased commitment to improving mental health across the state.

Executive Commissioner Charles Smith announces his retirement from state service effective May 31.

If you’re interested in school health programs, become a member of the Texas School Health Advisory Committee. Deadline to apply is May 31.

ASH Nurse Susan Ledbetter Named One of Austin’s Top Nurses

Suzanne Ledbetter, a charge nurse with the Austin State Hospital, is one of the top five finalists being honored by the Austin American-Statesman for its Recognizing Nurses campaign.

The Austin American-Statesman chose Suzanne Ledbetter, a charge nurse with the Austin State Hospital, as one of its Fab5 finalists for its Recognizing Nurses campaign.