The purpose of this section is to make the most current policy and procedures readily available via a single resource. Memoranda containing policy or procedural information will be placed on this list at the time of distribution. They will remain on the list until the information contained is completely incorporated into the handbook.

Release Date Title

Upcoming STAR Kids Handbook (SKH) Revision 20-2 – The files below show the changes that will be incorporated into the handbook effective September 1, 2020.

Revision Notice, SKH 20-2, Changes to Section 1614, Section 3200, Section 3327.1, Section 3410, Section 4300, Section 4400 and Section 5212
Section 1614, When and What Information May Be Disclosed
Section 3200, Member Reassessment
Section 3327.1, Process for Reviewing the Individual Service Plan Expiring Report
Section 3410, Transfer from One Managed Care Organization to Another
Section 4300, Private Duty Nursing
Section 4400, Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers
Section 5512, Services Available in the CDS Option