Psychiatric Executive Formulary Committee

The HHSC Psychiatric Executive Formulary Committee maintains and updates the Psychiatric Drug Formulary by:

  • Recommending standards of drug use that discourage unnecessary duplication of therapeutic alternatives and encourage the highest standards of medical and pharmacy practice.
  • Reviewing periodically the drugs listed in the formulary to ensure consistency with need, effectiveness, risk and cost.
  • Consulting with experts in clinical pharmacy, pharmacology and other medical specialties as needed to objectively assess drugs under consideration. 
  • Adding new drugs to the formulary.
  • Making other recommendations about drug use and policy as requested.
  • Designating the formulations allowed for general use by service system components and their contractors.


Committee chair:  Mark Messer, D.O., Terrell State Hospital 
Secretary: Jean Baemayr, Pharm.D., State Hospitals 
John Bennett, M.D., Stemmons Clinic 
Bonnie Burroughs, R.Ph., Abilene State Supported Living Center
Barbara Carroll, R.N., Austin State Hospital 
Catherine S. Hall, Pharm.D., San Antonio State Hospital 
Jeanna Heidel, Pharm.D., Rusk State Hospital
Jeff Matthews, M.D., UTHealth East Texas
David Moron, M.D., Rio Grande State Center
Scott Murry, M.D., Austin State Supported Living Center 
Kenda Pittman, Pharm.D., State Supported Living Centers
Rishi Sawhney, M.D., Behavioral Health Medical Director 
Glenn Shipley, D.O., State Supported Living Centers
Ashton Wickramasinghe, M.D., Austin State Supported Living Center

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