21st Century Cures Act

Overview and Timeline

The 21st Century Cures Act Section 12006, is a federal law requiring all states to use Electronic Visit Verification for Medicaid personal care services and home health services; including services delivered through the Consumer Directed Services option and the Service Responsibility Option.

Individuals impacted by the 21st Century Cures Act, including all Health and Human Services (HHS) staff working with the programs and services listed below are encouraged to sign up for GovDelivery to receive email alerts about EVV.

States must implement EVV or risk a loss of federal Medicaid matching dollars.

  • Personal care services must start by Jan. 1, 2020
  • Home health services must start by Jan. 1, 2023

Programs and Services

View the complete list of programs and services required to use EVV (PDF) beginning January 1, 2020 and programs and services currently required to use EVV.

Cures Act – Texas Implementation

To prepare and guide contract providers and CDS employers in the use of EVV, HHSC is providing the EVV Tool Kit throughout the calendar year. The EVV Tool Kit contains resources such as:

  • Informational updates posted online on the first and fifteenth of each month
  • Live webinar Q&A sessions on the 22 of each month
    • If the 22 is a weekend or holiday the live webinar will be held on the next normal business day.

EVV Tool Kit - Informational Updates

Module 15: Best Practices to Avoid EVV Claim Mismatches

Module 14: EVV Compliance Oversight Policies

Module 13: EVV Training Requirements

Module 12: Getting Started – Next Steps

Module 11: Summary of EVV Changes

Module 10: EVV Visit Transaction Validation Enhancements

Module 9: EVV Portal Standard Reports and Search Tools

Module 8: Submitting an EVV Claim

Module 7: EVV Aggregator and EVV Portal

Module 6: EVV Process Flow: Beginning to End

Module 5: EVV Visit Maintenance

March 15, 2019:

Module 4: EVV Visit Transactions

Module 3: EVV Roles and Responsibilities Part 2 of 2

Module 2: EVV Roles and Responsibilities Part 1 of 2

Module 1: Introduction to EVV

The 21st Century Cures Act and Texas Implementation

Live Webinar Q&A Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions from the Webinars (PDF) (Updated August 28, 2019)

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HHSC is committed to working with contracted providers, CDS employers, members, and other stakeholders.

Email Electronic_Visit_Verification@hhsc.state.tx.us with your questions about EVV.