Mobile Crisis Outreach Team

Mobile Crisis Outreach Teams provide face-to-face help to people who are at risk of harm to themselves or others. The MCOT provides counseling services to people at their home, school or other location. The services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MCOTs provide a combination of crisis services including emergency care, urgent care, and crisis follow-up and relapse prevention to the child, youth or adult in the community.


  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two-day interactive workshop in suicide first aid. ASIST teaches participants to recognize when someone might have thoughts of suicide and work with them to create a plan that will support their immediate safety.
  • Mental Health First Aid is an eight-hour course that teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. The training gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial help and support to someone who might be developing a mental health or substance use problem or experiencing a crisis. Developed by Elaine Frank and Mark Ciocca, CALM: Counseling on Access to Lethal Means is a one-and-a-half to two-hour workshop designed to help providers implement counseling strategies to help those at risk for suicide and their families reduce access to lethal means, particularly (but not exclusively) firearms. It includes many components: background on suicide data and lethal means; an introduction to firearms; video presentation that models the counseling strategy; a presentation and discussion on conducting a counseling session; optional role plays; and a course evaluation.




Texas Targeted Opioid Response – Mobile Crisis Outreach Team

Five piloted sites with enhanced capacity and high opioid incidences will add Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors to their existing MCOT. The purpose is to provide integrated care within mental health settings and ensure optimal screening, assessment and intervention specific to Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) for people in crisis because of opioid use. MCOTs deploy as needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to address crisis in the person's natural environment. Embedding SUD specialists with the MCOT teams streamline crisis resolution for people using substances and offer prompt assessment and evaluation in the community.