Physical:  701 W. 51st Street, Austin, Texas 78751
Mailing:  P.O. Box 12904, Austin, Texas 78711
Voice: 512-438-4880
Videophone:  512-410-1387
Fax: 512-438-4777

General inquiries:

Consumer and Interpreter Training inquiries:

Telephone assistance inquiries (STAP) or to request a STAP application:

Lori Breslow
Videophone: 512-410-6556

Jamie Jones
Program Coordination Specialist
Voice: 512-438-4841

Holly Courtney
Program Coordination Specialist
Videophone: 512-410-1387

Scott Siegel
Financial Analyst
Voice:  512-438-4567

Communication Access Services

Melissa Bell
Outreach Development Specialist
Voice:  512-438-4827
Videophone: 512-900-5445

Krystina Flanigan
Community Support Services Specialist
Videophone: 512-813-9855

Interpreter Certification

Janet Jurus
BEI Program Manager
Videophone: 512-410-6627
Voice: 512-438-4586

Adrienne Thal
BEI Program Specialist
Videophone: 512-410-6314
Voice: 512-438-4443

Connie Sefcik
BEI Administrative Technician
Videophone: 512-410-1386

Consumer Education and Interpreter Training

Lisa Herbert
Communication Access Oversight Specialist
Videophone: 512-982-1709

Rose Aird Minette
Communication Access Specialist
Voice: 512-438-4834

Amanda Tuite
Communication Access Specialist
Videophone: 512-410-0978

Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP)

Margaret Susman
STAP\Office Administrator
Voice:  512-438-4862

David Johnson
STAP Vendor Specialist
Voice/Captioned: 512-438-4836
Videophone: 512-524-3808

Suzanne Salazar
STAP Program Specialist
Videophone: 512-410-6549

Danielle Calhoun
STAP Program Specialist
Voice: 512-438-4835

Irma Cantu
STAP Administrative Technician
Videophone: 512-410-1614

Tammi Terry
STAP Administrative Technician
Voice: 512-438-4863

Chrissie Preuss
STAP Administrative Technician
Videophone: 512-410-6672

Roseann Sirianni
STAP Administrative Technician
Videophone: 512-410-6673