Latest Reports and Presentations

December 2018

  • Children with Special Health Care Needs Client Demographics Report 2018

    The Children with Special Health Care Needs Client Demographics Report is submitted in compliance with the 2018-19 General Appropriations Act, S.B. 1, 85th Legislature, Regular Session, 2017 (Article II, Health and Human Services Commission [HHSC], Rider 118d). Rider 118d requires HHSC to submit a report on Children with Special Health Care Needs program client demographics yearly by December 1 to the Governor and Legislative Budget Board, and include a demographic description of both the population served by the program, and of those individuals on the program’s waitlist.

  • Statewide Behavioral Health Strategic Plan Progress Report FY 2018

    The Statewide BH Strategic Plan Progress Report includes agency participation in the SBHCC and outlines annual progress on how the strategic plan's implementation serves to coordinate BH programs and services in Texas.

  • Parent Resource Guide Status Update Report

    The report provides a status on the distribution of the Guide to mothers, fathers, and caregivers in both English and Spanish relating to the development, health, and safety of a child from birth until age five.

  • HB 1697 - Rural Texas Pediatric Tele-Connectivity Resource Program

    This report provides an overview of the collaborative efforts of HHSC and the stakeholder community in support of bridging the gap to pediatric specialty care through the use of telemedicine in rural Texas. It includes information on the establishment of a stakeholder workgroup, a pilot telemedicine project and the educational, technical and planning considerations involved with achieving positive outcomes and effecting meaningful knowledge transfer.

  • Report on Texas Medicaid Laboratory and Imaging Diagnostic Ancillary Services

    The report provides overall laboratory and imaging diagnostic services utilization and costs.

  • Report on the Mental Health Peer Support Re-entry Pilot Program

    Rider 74 requires HHSC to implement a mental health peer support re-entry program. The rider further requires HHSC to submit a report on the program that includes the total population to be served and participant outcomes to the Office of the Governor and the Legislative Budget Board by December 1, 2018.

  • HB 300 New Developments in Safeguarding Protected Health Information

    HHSC's New Developments in Safeguarding Protected Health Information report including a summary of privacy related complaints filed by the public.

  • Hospital Uncompensated Care Report

    The report examines uncompensated care charges and costs from hospitals, uncompensated care costs by type of hospital, the funding available to offset uncompensated care costs, uncompensated care costs after funding, and the health care reform impact.

  • Quarterly Therapy Access Monitoring Report - December 2018

     The first quarterly report with analysis of selected data related to pediatric acute care therapy services (including physical, occupational, and speech therapies) and assessment of impact on access to care.

  • Community Attendant Registry Feasibility Study

    This report studies the feasibility of establishing a community attendant registry using existing resources, to help Medicaid recipients enrolled in the community attendant services program to locate providers.

  • Coordination of Medicaid Dental and Medicaid Services

    This report reviews policies and procedures related to coordination of services between dental maintenance organizations and managed care organizations, specific to dental sedation and general anesthesia in children.

  • Training and Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

    This report details results of a study regarding occupational skills training programs in Texas for individuals with intellectual disabilities, including regions in the state where the training programs should be improved or expanded and strategies for placing these individuals into fulfilling jobs via these programs.

  • Dental Services for Adult with Disabilities

    This report reviews the dental services available to adults with disabilities in Medicaid that provide community based services. In addition, unique considerations and alternative dental sources are highlighted along with dental servicse rendered and expenditures from fiscal year 2016.

  • Report on Mental Health for Veterans Grant Program

    HHSC is required to submit a report on the Mental Health for Veterans Grant Program (Texas Veterans + Family Alliance) on the effectiveness of the grant, number of grants and the number of veterans served.

  • Evaluation of Pharmacy Service Delivery Models

    The report reviews the agency's progress on certain long-acting injectables and flu vaccines offered in the outpatient pharmacy setting, medication therapy management, and value-based purchasing.

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