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January 2021

  • Update on the Use of Psychotropic Medications for Children in Texas Foster Care: State Fiscal Years 2002-2019 Data Report

    The Update provides FY 2002-2019 data on the use of psychotropic medications for children in Texas foster care based on Medicaid prescription and medical claims.

  • Medicaid CHIP Data Analytics Unit Quarterly Report of Activities SFY 2021, Q1

    The quarterly report reflects activities and findings of the Data Analytics Unit.

  • Long-Term Care Facilities Council Report January 2021

    Section 260.003 required the executive commissioner of the Health and Human Services Commission to develop and publish model standards for the operation of a boarding home facility and specifies that these standards must address elements such as construction, fire safety, sanitary conditions, reporting and investigation of injuries and incidents, staff education and assessment of residents.

  • Value-Based Enrollment Incentive Program Report - 2021

    This report describes HHSC valued-based enrollment methodology as an incentive program that automatically enrolls a greater percentage of Medicaid recipients who have not selected a managed care plan into a plan based on quality of care, efficiency and effectiveness of service provision, and performance. The report includes metrics for the incentive program that are transparent to managed care plans and providers in three areas: cost, quality of care and Medicaid member satisfaction.

  • Behavioral Health Workforce Workgroup Report, 2020

    The Strong Families, Supportive Communities: Moving Our Behavioral Health Workforce Forward Report summarizes the behavioral health workforce shortage in Texas. The report draws from six reports on the behavioral health workforce shortage from the past ten years and includes previous recommendations, progress toward implementation of those recommendations, factors contributing to non-implementation, and the next steps to implement those recommendations.

  • State Owned Housing Report, FY 2020

    As required by the 86th Legislature, this report contains details on fair market rental values for state-owned housing and revenues collected for rental units on the campuses of state hospitals and state supported living centers.

  • Permanency Planning and Family-based Alternatives, December 2020

    This report addresses requirements in Texas Government Code, Section 531.162(b). Section 531.162(b) requires HHSC to submit a semiannual report on permanency planning to the Governor and committees of each house of the Legislature with primary oversight jurisdiction over health and human services agencies.

  • Proposed Long-Term Care Plan for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Related Conditions Fiscal Years 2022-2023

    Required by Texas Health & Safety Code, Section 533A.062, proposed estimates of the capacity of ICF/IDDs and waiver programs for SFY 2022-2023, prior to the 87th Legislative Session, 2021.

  • Child Safety Data for Licensed Day-Care Centers

    This report provides an overview of HHSC's efforts to collect, compile, and publish certain data on serious incidents occurring in licensed day-care centers, including HHSC’s collaboration with DFPS.

  • HHS Business Plan Outcomes

    This report summarizes the progress of all goals and deliverables established in the inaugural HHS Business Plan, Blueprint for a Healthy Texas.

  • Medicaid Behavioral Health in Lieu of Services Annual Report

    HHSC must implement contract provisions allowing an MCO to offer their members certain medically appropriate, cost-effective, evidence-based services in lieu of mental health or substance use disorder services specified in the Medicaid State Plan. HHSC is also required to prepare and submit an annual report on the number of times during the preceding year a service from the list included in the contract is used.

  • Final Long-Term Care Plan for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Related Conditions

    Statute requires an adjusted final biennial plan on capacity following legislative action on appropriations for long-term care services for persons with an intellectual disability. The final plan is approved by HHSC and made available to the public.

  • Report on Expanding Capacity and Increasing Efficiency in SUD Services

    This report addresses requirements in Health and Safety Code §614.013 and §614.017. Health and Safety Code §614.013 and §614.017 requires HHSC to submit a report to the Legislative Budget Board no later than September 1 of each fiscal year its efforts to facilitate the exchange of information between agencies. The report must include but is not limited to: the manner in which information is exchanged between agencies, the frequency with which information is exchanged, the type of information most frequently exchanged and the agencies most frequently involved in the exchange of information.

  • Report on Medicaid Managed Care Provider Network Adequacy

    The report provides data on member access to providers in Medicaid managed care networks, and MCO compliance with contractual obligations related to provider access standards.

  • Report on Community Integration Measures - December 2020

    Presents survey data for adult and child consumer measures of community integration outcomes. The measures were selected by a stakeholder workgroup.

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