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Note: This is not an HHSC form and is not available through this site. Contact the appropriate regional EBT staff for assistance.



Updated: 2/2017


  • To provide the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) with a method of issuing Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits through the Lone Star electronic benefit transfer (EBT) system.
  • To provide TANF and SNAP households with a method of accessing their EBT benefit accounts.


When to Issue

Follow the local office security procedures for issuing Lone Star Cards.

The local office EBT clerk:

  • issues a Lone Star Card when requested by a Texas Works advisor who uses Form H1172, EBT Card, PIN and Data Entry Request, to make the request;
  • issues replacement cards in limited situations as required in Section B-235, Lone Star Card Replacement, of the Texas Works Handbook (TWH); and
  • may mail an unregistered Lone Star Card in certain situations.

When issuing a Lone Star Card, the local office EBT clerk:

  • logs the Personal Account Number (PAN) on Form H1173, EBT Card Issuance and PIN Self-Selection/Issuance Log;
  • verifies the identity of the person receiving the card;
  • requests this person's signature on Form H1173 to verify receipt of the Lone Star Card; and
  • ensures that the cardholder signs the back of the card if issuing directly to the cardholder.

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The EBT vendor mails an unregistered Lone Star Card to a:

  • cardholder who requests a replacement card, or
  • new primary cardholder (PCH) in certain situations.

Notes: Issuance of a new Lone Star Card containing the YourTexasBenefits.com logo began on May 23, 2016. All new PCH's, new secondary cardholders who request a replacement card will be issued the new Lone Star Card. Existing cardholders may continue to use the old red and blue Lone Star Card. Stores must continue to accept both old and new Lone Star cards.


Issue a Lone Star Card for each new PCH and secondary cardholder.

Issue a replacement card in limited situations as required in TWH Section B-235.