WIC Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Texas WIC evaluated both on-line and off-line EBT technologies. On-line EBT utilizes a magnetic stripe card to initiate an online contact between a point-of-sale system and an EBT host to complete a transaction. Off-line EBT utilizes a smart card with an embedded microchip that contains WIC participants’ benefits. A point-of-sale system equipped with a smart card reader checks the WIC benefits to be purchased against the benefits on the chip, authorizes the transaction and uploads the days’ transactions to a host.

The off-line EBT system was chosen by WIC primarily due to the size of Texas and the remote location of some WIC clinics and grocers. Texas was also drawn to the fact that the off-line system does not require transaction fees for the grocers. The off-line system allows immediate access to benefits regardless of the location of the clinic or the communication ability of the stores.

Texas WIC began piloting an off-line EBT system in El Paso in 2004. The El Paso pilot was welcomed by WIC participants and grocery store personnel. Participants were enthusiastic about the fact that the card could be used anytime during the month and items could be purchased when needed rather than all at one time. Participants also indicated using the EBT card was more socially appealing due to the privacy it provided. Grocery store managers indicated the use of EBT resulted in faster and simpler transactions for cashiers and participants and faster reimbursements for the stores.

Texas has operated the off-line EBT system statewide since April 2009 and currently serves approximately 1 million participants.

Visit the Authorized Vendors page to search for a WIC EBT-certified store by name, location or local agency.

Grocer System & Smart Card Contacts

Vendor System Support & Testing

Vendor System Card Orders

In-Store Certifications

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EBT Mailing Address
Nutrition Services Section
Vendor Management & Operations Unit
EBT Operations Branch
4616 West Howard Lane, Suite 275
Austin, TX 78728

Vendor Information

WIC EBT Certified Vendor Systems

Listed below is the contact information for each commercial vendor system certified to transact WIC EBT food sales in Texas. For additional information regarding vendor systems or certification of a vendor system contact the EBT Operations Team at WICEBTSupport@hhsc.state.tx.us.

AM PM USA Service, LLC
7676 Hillmont St, Suite 121
Houston, TX 77040
Contact: Jeremiah Tjarks
Email: jeremiah.tjarks@ampmservice.com
Phone: 713-357-3030
Fax: 713-357-3031
Web Site: http://www.ampmservice.com/
Grocer Systems:

Associated Grocers, Inc
8600 Anselmo Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
Contact: Craig Krieger 
Email: Retailsystems@agbr.com
Phone: 225-444-1332
Web Site: www.agbr.com
Grocer System:

CTCR Solutions
1011 W Harrison
Harlingen, TX 78550
Contact: Jose Tanguma 
Email: tanga1206@aim.com
Phone: 800-438-9004
Fax: 956-423-9981
Web Site: www.colescr.com
Grocer System:

DCR Point of Sale Systems
942 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206
Contact: Blake Gillum 
Email: bgillum@dcrpos.com
Phone: 888-429-4493
Web Site: www.dcrpos.com
Grocer Systems:

DUMAC Business Systems, Inc.
1716 Signal Ridge
Edmond, OK 73013
Contact: Michael Kress 
Email: mkress@dumac.com
Phone: 405-285-2188 x2680
Fax: 405-285-2151
Web Site: www.dumac.com
Grocer Systems:

FTS Solutions
10701 Corporate Drive, Suite 228
Stafford, TX 77477
Contact: Shiv Mathur
Email: shiv@ftssol.com
Phone: 866-477-1741
Web Site: www.ftssol.com
Grocer System:
Cygnus – Retail Management Solution

Global Business Technologies, LLC
1653 W Palma Vista
Palmview, TX 78572
Contact: Danny Hernandez
Email: danny@gbtpos.com
Phone: 956-581-5911
Fax: 956-580-4543
Web Site: www.gbtpos.com
Grocer System:

IT Retail, Inc.
191 W. Big Spring Road
Riverside, CA 92507
Contact: Bob Henry ext. 7501
Email: sales_team@itretail.com
Phone: 951-682-6277
Web Site: https://itretail.com
Grocer System:
Retail Professional

North Country Business Products
1640 N. Corrington Ave.
Kansas City, Missouri 64120-1946
Contact: Russ Land 
Phone: 816-446-9324
Web Site: www.ncbpinc.com
Grocer System:

Novo Dia Group
6300 Bridge Point Parkway
Building One, Suite 150
Austin, TX 78730
Contact: Josh Wiles
Email: josh@novodiagroup.com
Phone: 512-371-4134
Web Site: www.novodiagroup.com
Grocer Systems:
Mobile Market Plus

SoliSYSTEMS Corporation
100 Allentown Pkwy, Suite 110
Allen, TX 75002
Contact: Roque Solis 
Email: roque@solisystems.com
Phone: 214-256-3083
Web Site: www.solisystems.com
Grocer Systems:

TRUNO Retail Technology Solutions
13912 FM 1730
Lubbock, TX 79424
Contact: Steven Watters, President
Email: swatters@truno.com
Phone: 806-792-2885, ext. 226
Fax: 806-765-3126
Web Site: www.truno.com
Grocer Systems:
Toshiba ACE

Texas Cash Register
13481 Hwy 155 South
Tyler, TX 75703
Contact: Steve Green
Email: Steve@tcrtyler.com
Phone: 903-561-5866
Web Site: www.tcrtyler.com
Grocer System:
ECRS Catapult

WIC Drop Ship Vendors

Listed below is the contact information for each drop ship vendor authorized to drop ship specialty formulas. For additional information regarding drop ship vendors contact WICEBTVendorRedemptions@hhsc.state.tx.us.

Davila Pharmacy, Inc.
1423 Guadalupe St. #108
San Antonio, TX 78207
Contact: Sandra Torres
Email: storres@davilapharmacy.com
Phone: 210-226-5293
Web Site: http://www.davilapharmacy.com/

Epic Medical Solutions
10305 Round Up Lane Ste 100
Houston, TX 77064
Contact:  Carol Schoeps 
Email: Carol.Schoeps@epicmedicalsolutions.com
Phone: 866-883-1188 ext.4466
Web Site: www.epichealthservices.com

Romo Medical Equipment, LLC
3453 N Pan Am Expy, Suite 105
San Antonio, TX 78219
Contact: Anthony Harpel
Email: Anthony.Harpel@romomedical.com
Contact: Sara Gonzales
Email: Sara.gonzales@romomedical.com
Phone: 210-532-3895
Web Site: http://romomedical.com/

Sentido Health
13628 Michel Rd Ste 100
Tomball, TX 77375
Contact: Krystell Gray
Email: Krystell.Gray@Sentidohealth.com
Phone: 713-955-2123
Web Site: http://www.sentidohealth.com

Star Medical Specialties
4386 Sunbelt Dr
Addison, TX 75001
Contact: Judy Brown
Email: JBrown@star-medical.net
Phone: 972-380-2065
Web Site: http://www.star-medical.net

URS Medical
4830 Lakewood Dr Ste 1
Waco, TX 76710
Contact: Ana Seifert 
Email: ana@ursmedical.com
Phone: 254-399-7441
Web Site:www.ursmedical.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the State have a specified APL and HCL file retention period for vendors?

The State retains a copy of all APL and HCL files for a period of 3 years. Vendors are not required to archive APL and HCL files but may want to keep copies for research purposes.

How do I apply to become an authorized WIC EBT grocer?

Contact Vendor Operations at WICVendorRelations@hhsc.state.tx.us.

How do I apply to become an authorized WIC EBT system reseller?

Send an e-mail to WICEBTSupport@hhsc.state.tx.us with your contact information and the system you are marketing. A member of the certification team will contact you to discuss the process.

Who are the authorized WIC EBT system resellers for Texas?

A current list of dealers, distributors and resellers of WIC certified ECR systems is available in the WIC EBT Certified Vendor Systems accordion above.

What are the current Message Reason Codes?

Send an email to WICEBTSupport@hhsc.state.tx.us to request a copy of the message reason codes.