Health Care Facilities Regulation

HHSC is required to regulate certain types of health care facilities to protect consumer and patient health and safety by ensuring compliance with state laws and rules. Regulatory activities include surveying facilities, reviewing complaints, investigating possible violations, evaluating evidence, reviewing plans of correction, and determining administrative penalties. Working collaboratively with stakeholders, HHSC establishes rules and standards for facilities’ general operations, patient services, and physical plants, as well as procedural rules regarding license applications and issuance, complaints, violations, and enforcement.

Texas law requires certain types of health care facilities to be licensed in order to provide services. The licensing procedure varies according to facility type and may include application review, fees, architectural and life safety code approval, and initial on-site surveys.

You can verify a facility license by searching the online licensing system.

Guidance Letters

Note: These files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.
Number Title Date
GL 19-3000 Face to Face Training Requirements for Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Guidance Letter
Addressed to:
GL 19-2004 86th Regular Session, Senate Bill (SB) 1264 Guidance Letter
Addressed to:
ABO, ASC, Birthing Centers, CDTF, ESRD, FEMC, Hospital, NTP, Psych Hospital & CSU