Adult Mental Health Home & Community-based Services


Home and Community Based Services-Adult Mental Health is a statewide program that provides mental health and substance use recovery services for eligible adults with serious mental illness. The services are provided at the person’s home or where they live.

HCBS-AMH has recovery managers who are trained in the Person Centered Recovery Planning model. The recovery manager helps people in their recovery from mental illness. The client chooses a provider agency to provide the program services.

HCBS-AMH services include:

  • Supports provided where the recipient lives
  • Mental health services
  • Employment services
  • Nursing services
  • Peer support
  • Adaptive Aids
  • Short-term respite care
  • Substance use services

What Are the Benefits of HCBS-AMH Services?

  • Services allow people to stay in their community and meet their goals.
  • People choose their own services.
  • People can choose from many different services.
  • Recovery managers meet people at a place of their choice.

Who Is Eligible for HCBS-AMH Services?

Texans 18 or older with a mental illness and Medicaid, may be eligible if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Spent three or more of the past five years in a psychiatric hospital.
  • Had four or more arrests in the past three years and a history of mental health crises.
  • Had 15 or more emergency room visits in the past three years and a history of mental health crises.

How Do I Get HCBS-AMH Services?