ECI Information for Health & Medical Professionals


Families look to health professionals for guidance on their child's growth and development. ECI wants to work with you to help families get the services they need for their infants and toddlers.

Federal regulations require professionals to refer patients (birth to 36 months) with an identified developmental delay or disability to an ECI-contracted program for evaluation within seven days.

Ways to Make a Referral to ECI

  • Complete the ECI Referral Form developed by ECI and the Texas Pediatric Society to refer patients (birth to 36 months) to ECI. The form simplifies the referral process and helps inform ECI programs about children referred. Use this form to request the information you want and obtain needed written parental consent.
    If the child has a diagnosis, hearing or vision loss or if you have conducted any screenings, enter this information. Providing results to ECI will help inform the evaluation process.
  • Note: There are three places where you need to get the parent’s or legal guardian’s written consent for the information you are requesting. ECI cannot send the information, even if you have checked the box, if you don’t include the needed signature.
  • Call or fax information about your concerns for a child to your local ECI program. Visit the ECI program search page to locate the program in your area.

Program Information

  • ECI serves children from birth to 36 months.
  • Evaluations to determine ECI eligibility are at no cost to the family.
  • Translation and interpreter services are available.
  • ECI provides services to families at all income levels.
  • Families receiving services from other providers or agencies may still be eligible for ECI services.

The Value of ECI's Approach to Services

  • Provides services individualized to the needs of each child and family.
  • Involves families in therapeutic intervention strategies based on their child's daily routines.
  • Provides services in the home and community settings.
  • Includes measurable outcomes related to children's developmental gains.
  • Provides case management for all families.
  • Assists families in transitioning to other services when the child turns 3.

Resources for Medical Professionals

Milestones matter. Download the free CDC app to track your child's milestones.

Do you have questions about how your child under age 3 is growing or developing?

Visit the ECI Program Search page to find the local program in your area or call the HHS Office of the Ombudsman at 877-787-8999, select a language, then select Option 3.