I've been told that my child, who is under age 3, has a developmental delay and needs ECI services. How do I find services?

ECI programs provide an array of services for children under 3 with with developmental delays and their families. Your local ECI program will assess your child and determine his/her eligibility for services. If your child is eligible, you and the program staff will decide on a plan for services. You can call the DARS Inquiries Line to find the number of the program nearest you, or you can try to locate it on this website.

My child is over age three and seems to be delayed in her development. I am looking for free or inexpensive services. Where do I go?

If your child is over age three, she isn't eligible for ECI's services, but she might be eligible for services from your local school district. The Texas Education Agency web site can provide you with information about Special Education Services.If you call the DARS Inquiries Line, they can give you telephone numbers for the Texas Education Agency, your local school district (if you know the name), and the Education Service Center in your area.

I live in another state and I think my child needs the kinds of services ECI has in Texas. Where do I find those services?

The federal program (IDEA, Part C) that provides much of Texas ECI's funding also funds early childhood intervention services in all other states. The National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System (NECTAC) site has addresses and phone numbers of Part C programs in other states, or you can call the Office of the Ombudsman toll-free at 1-877-787-8999 and select Option #3.