Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) reviewed and evaluated program requirements for family participation in the expense of services. The objectives of this work were to reduce the administrative complexity associated with implementing the family cost share system requirements, update the methodology used to calculate the family's expected contribution, and promote consistent efforts by ECI contractors to access private insurance and collect fees from families when appropriate.

Prior to developing new rules, ECI completed a series of public meetings to solicit stakeholder input. Contractors, families, and interested parties had an opportunity to comment on the following topics: Collecting co-pays, deductibles, and/or co-insurance (as required by insurance plans) when billing insurance for services; reducing or eliminating the option for a six-month waiver that allows DARS/ECI contractors to waive family out-of-pocket fees if the family consents to allow their private insurance to be billed; revision of the sliding fee scale; potential change from a monthly fee to a per- service fee; and other proposed methods to encourage the use of private insurance or public insurance.

New rules became effective in September 2010. Since that time, the rules have been modified to respond to state and federal laws and regulations and make other improvements. Most recently Senate Bill 1060 directed a study of the cost-effectiveness of the family cost share system. DARS created an agency-wide ECI Family Cost Share project team that developed a data collection process and tool to determine the amount of contractor staff time expended to implement the family cost share system.

Data collection took place from February 1, 2014 to April 30, 2014. A qualitative survey on implementation of the family cost share system was sent to a stratified sample of ECI providers in March 2014. Results of the data collection were analyzed in conjunction with other available ECI data to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the family cost share system and to explore other family cost share options.

A report was be submitted to the governor and Legislative Budget Board on December 1, 2014, as required by the statute and rider.

Since 2004, ECI programs have been required to charge a family cost share for some early intervention services. The cost to the family is based on family size and adjusted income.

For more information on the Family Cost Share system, please see:

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Paying for Early Childhood Intervention Services

Effective April 1, 2017

Monthly Maximum Charge Sliding Scale

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**Family Cost Share Forms

Enrolled on or after January 1, 2014

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FCS Agreement Acuerdo de Participación de la Familia en los Costos
Consent to Bill and Release Information Consentimiento para el cobro y la divulgación de información
FCS Reconsideration Attestation Declaración de reconsideración de la Participación de la Familia en los Costos

**The appearance of these forms may vary across ECI programs

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