Babies and toddlers grow and develop very rapidly in the early years of life. The changes babies and toddlers go through as they grow are made up of different skills like walking and talking. These skills, or developmental milestones, usually happen by certain ages. Parents and family members help their children learn these skills through playing with them and through daily activities. Because parents spend so much time with their children, they often are the first to identify a concern about development. If there are concerns or questions about how a child is growing or learning, consult with the child's doctor or get more information about ECI programs in your area by calling the HHS Office of the Ombudsman at 1-877-787-8999, select a language, and then select Option 3. You can also submit your request online. ECI professionals are experts in child development. ECI supports families and helps them meet their children's needs. The earlier children with developmental delays or special needs receive help, the better.