"Interested" or "Waiting"

Consumers are considered either "Interested" or "Waiting" for services until funding is secured for their service provision.

“Interested" consumers are those who have made initial contact with the CRS program but have not completed the planning process, including a signed Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan (IWRP).

Consumers with a signed IWRP are considered "Waiting" for funds. The consumer with the longest time on the waiting list is served first.

Removal from the CRS Interest and Waiting List

Once funds are available to serve a consumer’s case, funds are assigned to the case and their name is removed from the CRS Interest and Waiting List. The CRS Counselor, or someone working with the counselor, will inform the consumer when this occurs. Services may then be provided throughout the rest of the time the consumer is in the CRS program. Consumers who have their case closed before receiving services are automatically removed from the CRS Interest and Waiting List.

Sometimes complications occur to interrupt the rehabilitation process. This might include a medical issue, a personal or family issue or an unexpected issue from the service provider. However, this does not mean the consumer’s name will go back on the CRS waiting list. A delay in the rehabilitation services may occur, but services will be provided until completion of the consumer’s IWRP.