Do you have or know someone with vision and hearing problems? If so, the Division for Blind Services has a Deafblind Services Unit that may be able to help you with finding or maintaining employment and living as independently as possible.

The two programs within the Deafblind Services Unit are:

  1. The DBS Deafblind Community Based Apartment Program consists of four complexes where people who are deafblind and people without disabilities live side-by-side. In this program, individuals who are deafblind are required to maintain their own apartments and work in the community. Typically there are ten individuals who are deafblind living in the complexes. An office is located in one of the complexes to provide support/training in money management, employment, meal preparation, transportation, communication, and maintaining a home. The phone numbers for the Deafblind Apartment Program are (512) 451-2967 (Voice),(512) 451-2974 (TTY) and (512) 410-1525 (VP).
  2. Four Deafblind Specialists are available to assist people who are deafblind throughout the state. Services from the Deafblind Unit include assistance with:
    • Employment
    • Establishing communication systems
    • Sign language
    • Adaptive equipment
    • Consumer and community training
    • Developing Statewide Services
    • Support groups

Where can I apply for services or get more information?

For information on any Division for Blind Services program or to apply for services, contact any DBS office located throughout Texas. To find the nearest office, check the DBS Offices in Your Area feature on this web site or call the Division for Blind Services at 1-800-628-5115. To contact the Deafblind Services Unit directly email us at or call (512) 377-0566 (Voice/TTY) and (512) 410-1524 (VP).