Veterans Recovery Pilot Program

This Veterans Recovery Pilot Program will serve eligible military veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury through diagnostic services, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and support services. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the medical therapeutic use of oxygen at a higher atmospheric pressure. This treatment is currently being researched for people exhibiting PTSD and TBI.

House Bill 271, 85th Legislature, 2017, Regular Session, directs HHSC to create and operate the program and is subject to available funding.

The Office of Acquired Brain Injury is currently working on the next steps to program development, which includes:

  • Determining eligibility criteria
  • Determining requirements for eligible facilities
  • Drafting protocols for use of HBOT
  • Reviewing treatment plans from participating facilities
  • Establishing financial coverage for transportation and living expenses
  • Establishing financial coverage for therapy

Establishing the Veterans Recovery Account

HB 271 also established the veterans recovery account which can receive funds via gifts, grants and other donations, in addition to interest earned on the account. Funds in the account can be used to pay for program administration costs, diagnostic testing and treatment of veterans with PTSD or TBI, and any necessary travel and living expenses for a veteran receiving treatment in the pilot program.

Donations to the Veterans Recovery Pilot Program can be mailed to:

Accounts Receivables Tracking System (ARTS)
Texas Health & Human Services Commission
P.O. Box 149055 - MC 1470
Austin, TX 78714-9055

Please note account number 5169 or “Veterans Recovery Account” in the memo section of the payment.