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Texas Brain Injury Resource Guide

The Texas Brain Injury Resource Guide is a great tool to help brain injury survivors and caregivers find the support they need. The guide includes information on navigating life after brain injury, financial help, long term services and supports, and many other brain injury resources and services. This guide is available for download in English and Spanish.

Awareness Poster Series

Brain injury can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. This 5-poster series is available in English and Spanish. There are posters featuring children, athletes, adults, service members and elderly adults.

Brain Injury Infographic Poster

What is a brain injury? How many people are affected by brain injury? How can they be prevented? This infographic answers those questions by portraying key statistics and prevention tips in an eye catching poster. This poster is available in English and Spanish.

Concussion Cards

Concussion cards contain quick and easy to read information for anyone who wants to learn more about the risk and effects of concussion. These cards can be shared with parents, patients, students, and any other individuals you are working with.

Brain Injury Survivor Wallet Card

A person with a brain injury can carry this wallet card to help avoid misunderstandings with law enforcement, first responders and other people they might interact with. The card includes contact information, common signs and symptoms of brain injury and a request to call a designated emergency contact if needed.

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