Orientation and Mobility Services for Persons Who are Blind or Visually Impaired

When there is a loss of vision that limits the functional ability of people to perform routine daily living tasks, often one of the first encountered struggles is the ability to travel efficiently from one place to another. Orientation and Mobility instruction (O&M) provides the person who is blind or visually impaired the skills needed to function independently again in performing everyday routine travel tasks. Through the knowledge gained using the long white cane, orientation to an environment, bus travel, street crossings, problem-solving, mental mapping and independent route travel etc., consumers gain confidence over time in their ability to travel to work, grocery store, bank, and community activities independent of assistance.

Where can I apply for services or get more information?

For information on any Division for Blind Services program or to apply for services, contact any DBS office located throughout Texas. To find the nearest office, or call the Division for Blind Services at 1-800-628-5115.

Offices can also be located by checking the government "blue pages" in your local phone book.