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Latest Reports and Presentations

March 2021

February 2021

  • Presentation to the Senate Finance Committee

    This presentation provides an overview of HHS's mission, vision, organizational structure, and key functions. It covers key budget drivers and a summary of Senate Bill 1. It also summarizes the agency's exceptional item requests as well as caseload and cost growth trends.

  • Consolidated Behavioral Health Schedule and Exceptional Item Review FY 2022-23

    The Statewide Behavioral Health Coordinating Council coordinates behavioral health exceptional items for member agencies for the 87th Legislature, Regular Session 2021.

  • Presentation to the House Appropriations Committee

    The presentation provides an overview of HHSC and the impact of Medicaid and CHIP, as well as an overview of federal funding for these two programs. Additionally, it covers key budget drivers for the agency, Medicaid & CHIP caseload and cost growth, and major category spending. Also addressed is the fiscal impact of COVID-19.

  • Foster Care Rate Methodology

    The Foster Care Rate Methodology Report contains information developed by HHSC and DFPS to provide context and considerations regarding Public Consulting Group (PCG) key findings and recommendations. More specifically, the report provides considerations for implementation and anticipated fiscal impacts of implementation of the recommendations made by PCG.

  • Information Regarding Staff Compensation Annual Report 2020

    As required by Section 659.026 of Texas Government Code, certain executive and non-executive compensation information must be made available to the public on the agency's internet website. To comply with this requirement, the attached compensation information on Health and Human Services Commission HHSC) employees is reported.

  • Procurement and Contracting Phase IV Evaluation Report

    The Ernst & Young Phase IV Evaluation Report outlines the continuous improvement initiatives that have been implemented since 2018 in response to a significant increase in the number and complexity of procurements and contracts. The report also highlights a portfolio of 29 projects in which 22 were successfully completed, two are in progress and five that will require additional resources.

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