DSRIP Transition

The Special Terms and Conditions (STCs) of the Texas 1115 Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program Waiver include a requirement to submit a draft DSRIP Transition Plan to CMS by October 1, 2019 and finalized by March 31, 2020. This Transition Plan must describe how the state will further develop its delivery system reform efforts without DSRIP funding after DY10, which ends on September 30, 2021. The Transition Plan will include milestones for HHSC for DY9-10 as the state prepares for DSRIP to end.

DSRIP Transition Plan

Transition Milestone Updates

Milestone 3 – DY11 Program Options

HHSC is proposing the following directed payment programs (DPP) to begin September 1, 2021. All programs are subject to CMS approval.

Comprehensive Hospital Increased Reimbursement Program (CHIRP)

Texas Incentives for Physicians and Professional Services (TIPPS)

Milestone 10

In February 2020, DSRIP Anchors and providers submitted feedback on the existing Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) structure as part of the transition to post-DSRIP programs. The summaries of responses to the two surveys are below. HHSC will consider all responses as the agency develops post-DSRIP programs and operations framework.

Partner Engagement Plan

Best Practices Workgroup