RHP Plan Update Templates

The purpose of the RHP Plan Update is to reflect the DSRIP evolution from DY2-6 projects to DY7-8 provider-level outcomes. It will provide a crosswalk from a provider’s DY2-6 projects to the provider’s system-wide activities intended to achieve outcome measures.

The templates allow entry and verification of DY7-8 requirements for current and new DSRIP providers as defined in the DY7-8 Program Funding and Mechanics Protocol and Measure Bundle Protocol.

All requests submitted in the RHP Plan Update are subject to HHSC and CMS approval.

Demonstration Year (DY) 6

DY6 DSRIP Participation Template (Summer 2016 Form)

The links below are to the DY6 Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Participation Template and instructions.

DSRIP - Anchor and Provider Resources

DSRIP Project Payment Summaries

The links below are to the project payment summaries. Note that these are the official payment files and may not match the amounts included in the DSRIP Online Reporting System.

DSRIP Provider and Project Reporting Summaries

Please find links below to the provider and project reporting summaries. The Provider Summaries provide a high-level narrative overview of the status of all of a provider's DSRIP projects. The Project Summaries provide project-level status information related to a specific project's accomplishments, challenges, lessons learned, etc. Both summary files contain information from the October DY2 through April DY6 reporting periods.

DSRIP Protocols for 3 Year Projects

DSRIP Allocation

Anchor Administrative Cost Claiming

The documents below will assist in claiming Anchor administrative costs.

Category 3

The documents below relate to Category 3 outcome measures. Category 3 outcome specific information can be found in the Compendium of Category 3 Measures.


Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP)

RHP Information