Revision 17-1; Effective May 5, 2017


Before the Review

Local benefit office staff must request a Health and Human Services (HHS) employee identification badge before the review and daily during the review.


During the Review

Local office staff must answer the security review questions pertaining to the review, be supportive and cooperative with the reviewer, and confer with the reviewer on potential findings.

Note: The EBT site coordinator or backup should be available for the reviewer to answer any questions or concerns on local benefit office security and accountability operations.


After the Review

The reviewer has an exit conference with the EBT site coordinator or backup (other staff may attend, if appropriate).


Review Documentation

After the exit conference, the reviewer prepares a security review report (see Appendix II, On-Site Security Review). If operations records, systems and processes are found inadequate in accounting for and safeguarding program benefits from fraud, abuse and misuse, the security review report will state a finding and a recommendation for each finding. Each finding will reference the appropriate section number of the controlling policy or regulations, including the following:

  • This handbook; and/or
  • Texas Works Handbook


Review Distribution

Within 15 days after the exit conference, the reviewer will send a report to the program manager and regional director and local office supervisor.


Review Clearance and Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

Upon receipt of the audit report, the local office initiates the region's process to develop the corrective action plan. The CAP must include:

  • the physical address of the local benefit office,
  • the time period that the audit covered, and
  • a response to each finding.


Agreement with Finding

If the local office agrees with the finding noted as a deficiency or discrepancy, corrective action to prevent it from reoccurring is described in the CAP.


Disagreement with Finding

If the office disagrees with the finding noted as a deficiency or discrepancy, the office explains in detail the basis for its disagreement.


CAP Due Date

The CAP is due within 15 workdays from the date the local office receives the report. Send the original CAP to the EBT regional coordinator, the program manager and the regional director.


Review Resolution and Closure

Upon receipt of the CAP, the EBT regional coordinator will review and approve the CAP for resolution of each finding. Closure or final approval of the CAP occurs when the resolution for each finding is reached.

If the resolution for the finding is inadequate, the EBT regional coordinator notifies the local office within 10 workdays and the region has 10 workdays to resolve the problem with the CAP.

When resolution is reached, the EBT regional coordinator confirms closure in writing to the local office. Final resolution of CAP closure is reported to the regional director and Field Operations state office.