Revision 07-0; Effective September 1, 2007

Person-directed planning (PDP) reflects a growing trend in the way services are delivered to people with developmental disabilities. When a person is offered intellectual disability services and supports, he or she works with a qualified intellectual disability professional (QIDP), family, friends, providers and other members of a Personal Support Team (PST) to develop a personalized plan of services and supports.

The QIDP and PST use a process that empowers the person to direct the development of a plan that meets his or her goals. This handbook provides some direction to consumers, families, professionals, providers and local authorities in the development of effective PDPs. The Appendix Section offers Tools the PST and staff members can use to develop a Personal Support Plan (PSP). The Forms Section offers the documents needed to prepare a PSP that will enable a person to make and achieve his or her goals.