Effective March 27, 2017


Amends §19.101, §19.910, §19.911, and Adds §19.2107 and §19.2113


Amends §19.101, Definitions, to add terms (117) quality measure report, (142) stay agreement, (143) substandard quality of care, and (164) widespread.

Amends §19.910, Quality Assurance Early Warning System, authorizing  HHSC to conduct a visit to a facility identified through the HHSC early warning system as a medium risk or when the facility requests a visit.

Amends §19.911, Rapid Response Teams, authorizing DADS to deploy a rapid response team to a nursing facility identified as high risk through the early warning system or when the facility has committed three violations that require license revocation under Texas Health and Safety Code §242.061.

Adds new §19.2107, Revocation of a License by the HHSC Executive Commissioner, requiring the HHSC executive commissioner to revoke a nursing facility’s license if DADS finds that the license holder has committed three or more violations that constitute an immediate threat to health and safety related to the abuse or neglect of a resident within a 24-month period.

Adds new §19.2113, Criteria for the Executive Commissioner to Stay a License Revocation,  which provides the criteria by which the executive commissioner may stay a proposed nursing facility license revocation resulting from a license holder committing three or more violations that constitute an immediate threat to a resident’s health and safety within a 24-month period.