Revision Notice 19-3; September 1, 2019


Archived Revision 19-2; Effective June 1, 2019
Archived Revision 19-1; Effective March 1, 2019
Archived Revision 18-4; Effective December 1, 2018
Archived Revision 18-3; Effective September 1, 2018


The following changes were made:


Section Title Change
Appendix XI Reference for Notification Forms Updates the chart for clarity and removes reference to deleted Form H1230-TP-30-ATT. Automation changes to add related language to the TF0001, Notice of Case Action.
Appendix XIII Spousal Impoverishment Information Appendix retired due to duplicate policy found in Chapter J. Section reserved for future use.
Appendix XXXI Budget Reference Chart Updates appendix with 2019 budget amount for transfer of assets divisor.
Appendix L 2019 Income/Resources Reference Chart Updates appendix with 2019 budget amounts for transfer of assets divisor and spousal dependent allowance.
B-9300 Date of Death Denials and Verification Sources Adds new section B-9300 and incorporates policy from MEPD Bulletin #19-05. Adds Related Policy section.
C-9200 Availability of Translated Written Material Clarifies policy related to providing translated written material for LEP persons.
I-5100 Transfer of Assets Divisor Updates section with 2019 transfer divisor rate. Adds Related Policy section.
J-7400 Spousal Impoverishment Dependent Allowance Updates section with 2019 dependent allowance amount. Adds Related Policy section.

Bulletins on the MEPD Handbook Website

The following bulletins are deleted. The information is either incorporated into the handbook or no longer necessary:

Release Date Bulletin Number Title
February 1, 2019 19-2

1. Excluding Pretax Contributions form Gross Income for Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Programs
2. Mileage Rate Increase
3. 2018 Federal Poverty Level