The service provider should establish a purchase or service order system for authorizing consumer goods and services.

Vendors and subcontractors should not begin some services without proper authorization and HHSC approval for the purchase, which are described below.

The service provider is not authorized to receive payment for some services or conditions that do not have impact or are not relative to the independent living goals agreed to by the consumer or addressed by comparable benefits.

Other services not authorized include:

  • gym memberships or home exercise equipment, including home equipment for water therapy or strengthening;
  • general medical care (that is, medical or surgical services that are not directly related to the consumer’s independence goals or do not support other independent living services);
  • maternity care; and
  • medical or surgical treatment associated with:
    • active tuberculosis;
    • sexually transmitted diseases;
    • cancer;
    • organ transplantation;
    • AIDS; or
    • end-stage renal disease.

Goods and services that are not authorized will be unallowable for reimbursement.