The Independent Living Services (ILS) Program funds a continuum of goods and services designed to support consumers in meeting established independence goals in accordance with their independent living plan. A service provider may choose to provide a service with existing staff members or to contract for a service. When contracting for a good or service, the service provider must follow standards related to these purchases.

The contract budget percentages of the total spent in each category for complex rehabilitation technology are allocated as follows:

  • Hearing Aids – 25 percent
  • Home Modifications – 10 percent
  • Power Wheelchairs and Scooters – 18 percent
  • Prosthetics – 15 percent
  • Vehicle Modifications – 32 percent

The work plan includes corresponding targets for funds budgeted and expended for consumer goods and services. These parameters are set to ensure that sufficient funds are available and spent for certain goods and services for consumers served by the ILS Program.

The service provider must provide purchased goods and services that are within the scope of the program and that best fit consumer's needs while observing efficient budgeting practices and standards.

The service provider must adopt and implement procurement policies that address:

  • conflict of interest situations;
  • planning for procurement needs;
  • separation of duties;
  • criteria and situations for obtaining bids or proposals;
  • purchasing of supplies and equipment;
  • contracts for goods or services; and
  • maintenance of procurement records.

Written procurement policies are required to align with standards and procedures under 2 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Subtitle A, Chapter II, Part 200, Subpart D, §200.318 general procurement standards. These procurement policies must be followed in purchasing goods and services for consumers.

All purchases should be coordinated with any comparable benefit, resource, or service available before expending funds from this contract. Consumer participation fees must be collected by the time the service and goods are delivered according to the participation agreement.