Revision 13-1; Effective November 1, 2013


The following changes were made:







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Clarifies standard operation procedure and roles for DADS staff and contractors. Reflects policy change in referring guardianship of the person only.

Section 1000

A Referral to Guardianship Contractor's Procedures

Reflects changes regarding guardianship of the person only referrals. Clarifies determination of appropriate successor guardianships with the required materials for contractor referral packets.

Modifies the begin date of reimbursement due to a change in policy. Contractor referral forms with a date of acceptance after the 15th of the month will no longer be paid one-half of the unit rate for the month.

Amends extensions for applications of guardianship to add:
After guardianship is obtained by the contractor, the file stamped letters of guardianship and a copy of the oath must be emailed, mailed or faxed by the contractor to the contract manager and guardianship supervisor. The contract manager will scan and attach the letters and oath in the ward’s case file.

Clarifies the resignation of DADS as guardian for referred cases to clarify the procedures of contractor, guardianship supervisor and DADS regional attorney.

Clarifies the transfer of records for successor guardianship with added duties and responsibilities of the guardianship supervisor and guardianship specialist to provide the contractor with the ward’s documentation and property within seven calendar days of notification of the successor guardianship.

Amends referrals resulting in payment from DADS to add: DADS only pays for contracted wards if DADS was first appointed guardian by the court.

Updates the responsibilities of DADS staff to reflect standard operating procedure in documentation in the Guardianship Online Database (GOLD) and DADS responsibilities when a case is transferred.

Section 2000

Billing and Payment Procedures

Moves and revises the information previously in Section 3000.

Section 3000

Protocol and Contract Monitoring Guidance

Moves and revises the information previously in Section 4000.

Sections 4000, 5000 and Glossary


Moves the information previously in these sections to other sections of the handbook.

Appendix I

List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE)

Adds a new appendix. Deletes previous appendices.