Revision 18-0; Effective November 1, 2018


The EVV vendor system has standard EVV reports that provider agencies and payers use to monitor EVV compliance. HHSC and the MCOs can review the same data as provider agencies when pulling standard reports from the EVV system. The following EVV standard reports are available in the EVV system:

  • Attendant or Nurse Providing Services by Individual – This report verifies which attendants provided services to a particular person for a requested date range.
  • Alternate Device Order Status - This report tracks and verifies alternate devices orders.
  • CDS Employee List - This report verifies which CDS employees are associated with which CDS employer, person and includes the employees' hire and termination dates as well as the first date the employee provided services to the requested person.
  • Contracts List - This report shows which provider contracts are in the EVV system.
  • EVV Compliance Plan Summary Snapshot Report – This report captures the provider agency’s compliance score for the preceding quarter. This report also has an ad-hoc version for monthly monitoring of compliance scores.  
  • EVV Compliance Plan Daily Snapshot Report – This report determines which specific days during the quarter had a compliance score of less than 90% (below program expectations) and how many non-preferred visits occurred on each of those days below program expectations.
  • EVV Visit Log – This report verifies the hours of services delivered by the attendant to the individual.
  • Provider Agency/FMSA List – This report helps gather provider information and to determine the last time a provider interacted with the EVV system.  
  • Reason Code Free Text Report - This report helps review a provider's use of reason codes and all the required free text entries made.
  • Reason Code Usage Report - This report shows the reason codes used, how often, and in what percentage of verified visits. It also offers a comparison to overall usage of reason codes within a selected payer’s universe during a specified timeframe.
  • Units of Service Summary Report – This report shows daily and weekly totals of pay hours.
  • Failed to Export Report - This report shows what visits were not exported to the payer from the vendor system due to data element(s) that could not be verified by the vendor. This report also shows visits rejected by the payer when the EVV visit transaction does not match the claim line item detail.
  • Landline Phone Sampling Report - This report displays the phone type and carrier of landline phone numbers used to place calls. This report also shows multiple phone numbers used within the same month for the same person.