Counseling and guidance must be an essential component of any case closed as a successful closure and needs to be documented in the case file.

If counseling and guidance is the only rehabilitation service, the case can meet the criteria for a successful closure only if documentation in the case file shows that counseling and guidance was provided as a substantial service.

Ensuring that counseling was a substantial service may include focusing on topics that:

  • help the consumer understand his or her strengths and limitations in relation to his or her disability and impediments;
  • explore with the consumer any transferable skills and how he or she may apply them in overcoming impediments;
  • help the consumer select and/or maintain suitable and realistic goals by providing information that allows the consumer to make informed choices;
  • maximize the consumer’s self-awareness regarding barriers to productivity and possible reasonable accommodations;
  • empower the consumer through confidence building;
  • assist the consumer in developing the self-advocacy skills needed for taking responsibility for his or her continued success; and
  • provide the consumer with information about relevant support services and facilitate access to those services.