In the CRS program, consumer participation is reported as a service record with payment method type 'Arranged.' For instructions, see ReHabWorks Users Guide, Chapter 16 Case Service Record, Creating, Updating, and Canceling Line Items When Payment Method Is "Arranged".

Be sure to:

  • select an appropriate Level 1-4 description, according to the documented service in the Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan;
  • enter only "FCS 2017" in the Specification Description text box;
  • use only English (no other language) in the Specification Description text box;
  • select "Arranged" as the payment method; and
  • enter the date range for services for the entire quarter or remainder of a quarter—not for more than one quarter and not for crossing quarters.

This is the only circumstance in which service records are identified as "Arranged' in the CRS program.