Before the application is signed, discuss with the consumer:

  • the purpose and expectations of the CRS program;
  • the roles and participation of the counselor and consumer throughout the CRS process; and
  • the consumer's role in making informed choices when choosing a rehabilitation goal, services, service providers, and application statement.

Provide a copy of the application statement to the consumer.

Approval by the counselor and signed approval by the consumer or the consumer's representative verify that the consumer was given the information.

If a consumer’s representative is signing the application statement for the consumer, explain to the consumer that information in his or her case file will be made available to the representative. For more information, see the chart below concerning representative types.

Although the consumer may choose whomever he or she wants as a representative, inform the consumer that you will not purchase goods or services from a provider who serves as his or her representative because of the conflict of interest.

Table: Representative Types and the Requirements for Case File Documentation.

Representative Type

Documentation Required for the Paper Case File

The consumer’s representative

  • A completed DARS1487, Designation of Applicant or Consumer Representative;
  • Proof showing the power of attorney; or
  • A statement written by the consumer designating a representative

The consumer’s court appointed guardian or representative

Current legal documentation showing proof of guardianship or representation