Disabling conditions are classified according to a structure that combines impairment with a specific cause or source. Using prescribed categories, select the impairment and then select the cause or source that best describes the consumer's primary disability; that is, the physical or mental impairment that results in a substantial impediment to the rehabilitation goals in the CRS program.

To select the disability code:

  1. select the impairment category table that best identifies the disability; that is:
    • sensory-communicative;
    • physical; or
    • mental;
  2. select the specific impairment subcategory within the table, such as:
    • cognitive impairments-learning, thinking, processing/concentration;
    • other mental; or
    • psychosocial impairments-interpersonal/behavioral, difficulty coping; and
  3. select the specific cause or source of the disabling condition in the cause or source table, such as:
    • traumatic spinal cord injury; or
    • traumatic brain injury.

Using the same sequence of actions, you select the secondary impairment that contributes to, but is not the primary basis of, the impediment to the consumer’s rehabilitation goals.

*If this information is not available at the time of application, it must be completed at the time of eligibility determination.