The application must be completed in a private location that maintains the confidentiality of the information provided by the consumer.

Explain to the consumer the circumstances under which information about him or her will not be kept confidential. For example, confidential records are released “… to prevent imminent harm to you [the consumer] or someone else.”

Explain to the consumer that if the consumer says that he or she plans to hurt someone or has hurt someone, you must report it to the authorities. This requirement to report includes situations involving child abuse and abuse of the elderly.

Fill out the consumer’s application in ReHabWorks (RHW). For instructions, see RHW Users Guide, Chapter 10 Application.

When RHW is not available, apply by using DARS5056, DRS Application for Services and DARS5059, DRS Application Statement—CRS .

Ensure that all information entered in the application is accurate.