The CRS liaison counselor:

  • documents quarterly visits on the DARS3821, CRP Liaison Counselor Quarterly Monitoring Summary;
  • maintains the summary in the CRS liaison counselor’s file; and
  • submits a copy of the form to the CRS program manager for review and analysis.

The CRS liaison counselor reports any significant irregularities or trends he or she identifies to the CRS program manager.

When a provider regularly provides three or more hours of service a day (for example, when providing post-acute brain injury (PABI), residential services), the CRS liaison counselor interviews 10 percent of the total number of consumers quarterly.

The CRS liaison counselor must immediately report to the home CRS counselor any concerns related to or raised by a particular consumer.

To ensure compliance with 24-hour supervision requirements, at least one of the liaison counselor's quarterly visits each year for residential providers must be unannounced and outside of normal working hours (for example, during evenings or weekends).