This chapter explains the roles and responsibilities of the many partners who support the consumer during the rehabilitation process.

The partners share responsibility for informing and educating consumers, advocating and facilitating for them, and encouraging them. Each partner must contribute his or her expertise to make the professional relationships with the consumer as productive as possible. Partnership building is an active process.

You must:

  • think creatively to consider alternatives; and
  • practice the art of leadership.

To model the behavior expected of others effectively, leaders must first establish clear guiding principles and must lead from those principles. You must lead according to what you believe. You must lead in partnerships that contribute to the success of the consumer, such as the partnerships that you build with consumers, schools, families, businesses, other agencies, and the community. You must inform other staff members, consultants, the consumer or consumer's representative, and CRS providers about the consumer’s goals and the responsibility that each person has in attaining the goals.