Inpatient comprehensive medical rehabilitation services may be sponsored only when there is no more than one year between the date of injury and the date of initial contact. There is a 90-day limit on inpatient comprehensive medical rehabilitation services, which is measured from the first day of services sponsored by the CRS program. These services are indicated on the consumer’s Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan (IWRP) as "up to 30 days of services." When recommended by the interdisciplinary team, the services may be extended to a maximum of 90 days without an IWRP amendment.

Some facility-based providers choose to divide inpatient comprehensive medical rehabilitation services into phases. Discharges may occur during the course of treatment to give the consumer time to recover and practice newly acquired skills.

The consumer then often returns to complete the remaining treatment.

The CRS program may sponsor periods of hospitalization, up to a cumulative total of 90 days. No more than six months may lapse between being the time that a consumer is discharged from the program's first phase and re-enters the program.  

Providers of inpatient comprehensive medical rehabilitation services must meet the requirements outlined in Chapter 24: Purchasing Goods and Services for Consumers, 24.22 Health Care Professionals—Required Qualifications, and are authorized in accordance with Chapter 26: Physical Restoration Services, 26.2 Professional Medical Services, and Chapter 27 Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Center Services.