The term consumer participation refers to the monthly contribution the consumer may be required to pay for participation in the CRS program. Consumer participation applies to consumers in active services, as well as those on the interest list who are both eligible and receiving services.

The CRS program staff members use net monthly income, liquid assets, and family size as they relate to the federal poverty guidelines for the current fiscal year to determine the amount a consumer must contribute to the cost of services. This is a monthly amount and is applied only in months that a provided billable service or good requires participation in cost of services.

The consumer’s monthly cost to participate cannot exceed the cost of the billable services provided in a given month. A consumer participating in the cost of goods and/or services directly pays the provider and that amount is deducted from the provider's payment from the agency. The cost determined is stated in the service authorization.

The provider is responsible for the billing, collecting, or writing-off the consumer’s cost owed by the liable party.

For additional information about consumer participation, see TAC§107.714, Consumer (Client) Participation.