The technical portion of a technical and purchasing (T&P) review is used to evaluate whether all required information is included in the electronic and or paper case file.

The purchasing portion of a T&P review is used to evaluate whether the appropriate purchasing policies and procedures were followed and documented, as required by the applicable federal and state laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications that are outlined in the CRS Standards for Providers Manual, Contracting Processes and Procedures Manual, and DARS Procurement Manual.

T&P reviews are documented by completing DARS3399, Technical and Purchasing Review in TxROCS. Managers, program specialists, and their designees may complete T&P reviews. Designees may include management support staff members; however, managers must review a designee’s work to ensure that the designee accurately represents the findings.

All managers are required to monitor the operation of their units. Case reviews are a required part of monitoring. To identify the type and quantity of required reviews, managers refer to the unit’s monitoring plan for the current fiscal year. The regional director and designated regional office staff members oversee each unit in their region, including monitoring of activities related to case review.

The program director or program manager of Consumer Services Support (CSS) manages and oversees the case review process statewide to ensure that the process is applied consistently. Direct all questions about the case review process and unit monitoring plan to the CSS program director or a designee.

Refer to the MOSAIC Case Review Guide for information on the unit monitoring plan and the reporting requirements and other roles and responsibilities of unit, regional, and central office staff members.