The compliance portion of a compliance and quality (C&Q) review is used to evaluate whether specific elements of a case adhere to the federal and state laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications that are outlined in the this manual and in the CRS Standards for Providers Manual, Contracting Processes and Procedures Manual, and DARS Procurement Manual.

The quality portion of a C&Q review is used to assess the level of service and other forms of support provided to the consumer throughout the consumer’s case. Quality casework is demonstrated by values-based decision making, active participation by the consumer, and compliance with all required policies and standards. It is based on a thorough review of all related casework and documentation.

C&Q reviews are documented by completing DARS3456, Compliance and Quality Case Review in TxROCS. Only managers, program specialists, and their designees may complete a C&Q review. C&Q reviews cannot be completed by administrative support staff members.

For help when completing a C&Q review, see the MOSAIC Case Review.