Policy establishes basic statewide operating principles that:

  • define services and service limitations; and
  • support the highest possible compliance with state law through:
    • informed consumer choice;
    • best-value purchasing; and
    • sound decision making.

Management review, consultation, and in some cases approval are necessary to implement some actions and/or decisions, including:

  • exceptions to established:
    • policies procedures;
    • payment limitations; and
  • decisions concerning the best course of action for complex services.

Specific procedures are required for some exceptions.

Policy must not create an immovable barrier to a consumer's rehabilitation. Counselors should seek waivers to policy where limitations create such a barrier. Managers and consultants must provide expertise in mastering alternatives.

The manager may make an exception to any mandatory policy except to those:

  • based state law;
  • where it is stated that manager exceptions are not permitted; or
  • that requires a different approval source.

In most cases, approvals are documented in a case note within ReHabWorks. Approvals received electronically, such as by email, should be copied and pasted into ReHabWorks. Counselors must file paper approvals in the paper case file. All approvals must include a clear description of the basis for the approval.