When Legal Services finalizes a settlement of a subrogation claim, the consumer's attorney often submits a request for a waiver of all or part of the CRS program subrogation lien.

When this happens, the subrogation coordinator:

  • communicates with the consumer’s attorney regarding the subrogation claim; and
  • sends a list of assessment questions to the counselor of record or the manager of that unit.

The counselor or manager of record:

  • completes the list of assessment questions; and
  • faxes the completed document to the subrogation coordinator at (512) 424-4059 within three workdays.

When all necessary documents, including the counselor's assessment responses, are received, Legal Services uses the information to negotiate an appropriate settlement amount for the subrogation claim, if warranted.

The final settlement amount may range from 0 percent to 100 percent of the total lien amount claimed by the CRS program.