At a minimum, the invoice must include:

  • vendor's complete name and address;
  • vendor's 14-digit Texas Identification number (TIN);
  • vendor's contact name and telephone number;
  • CRS program service authorization number;
  • CRS program office delivery address;
  • CRS program contract number, if applicable;
  • a description of the goods or services provided including the dates of service;
  • quantity, unit cost being billed and as documented on the original order; and
  • other relevant information supporting and explaining the payment requested or identifying a successor organization to an original vendor, if necessary.

Additional documentation may be required to accompany invoices, subject to the specific program’s published standards.

Optional Information on the invoice may include:

  • the provider's invoice number;
  • the provider’s fax number; and
  • the name of the counselor or other staff involved.