Texas state agencies provide a variety of goods and services for each other. For example, the Department of Aging and Disability Services provides medical records, and the Texas Cosmetology Commission provides state cosmetology licenses.

For some agencies, the state comptroller transfers funds from one agency to another through interagency transfer vouchers (ITV) instead of issuing a warrant to make the payment.

Receiving and Paying Interagency Transfer Vouchers (ITVs)

When receiving and paying interagency transfer vouches (ITVs), the staff member in the field office:

  1. verifies its accuracy (see 24.9 Invoices for more information); 

Note: If the invoice or ITV does not have a recurring transaction index (RTI) number, call the performing agency to get the RTI number and write it on the invoice or ITV.

  1. verifies that the goods or services have been received (RHW Users Guide, Chapter 18 Case Acknowledgment of Receipt, 18.1.5 Verifying and Acknowledging Receipt of the Invoice);
  2. acknowledges receipt of the invoice, goods, and/or services, and documents (if applicable) in ReHabWorks:
    • the invoice number in the Invoice Number field in the Receive Items List window if the performing agency provided an invoice number (if an invoice number is not provided, the consumer's Social Security number); and
    • the 6-digit RTI number; and
  3. writes the voucher document number assigned in ReHabWorks on the invoice or ITV (the number begins with a T).

Note: Request payment using the SA Payment Authorization window. If the invoice includes fees for late payment, do not pay them.

The state comptroller maintains an Interagency Transactions Contact List, which is a list of agency contacts for Recurring Transaction Indicator numbers.