CRS staff members, other than the contract manager, routinely work closely with contractors and may identify a contractor performance issue or noncompliance outside the scope of the formal statewide monitoring process led by Consumer Services Monitoring Unit. If the staff determines that the performance issue is significant, the staff must notify the contract manager regardless of whether the issue was resolved.

The staff must send this notification in writing and include the:

  • name of the contractor;
  • contract number assigned by the CRS program, if known;
  • Texas payee identification number (TIN), if known;
  • type of service provided by the contractor;
  • date the noncompliance or performance issue occurred;
  • description of the noncompliance or performance issue; and
  • chronology of actions taken by the CRS staff member and contractor to address or correct the issue.

The staff should use the DARS1303, Contractor Performance Report to document the report and invoice issues. The form can also be used to document exceptional contractor performance. The DARS1303 is an internal document.

When the contract manager is notified of a contractor performance issue, the contract manager takes appropriate action and may need to request a remedial action review.