Individuals may need to be set up as providers to issue payment for services such as reader services, maintenance, or transportation.

Before the service record is generated and before the service authorization is issued, you must ensure that the individual has been:

  • set up as a provider; and
  • linked to the appropriate specification(s).

State law prohibits the state comptroller from issuing a warrant to pay funds directly to anyone who owes the state for delinquent taxes or a defaulted debt, such as a guaranteed student loan.

If the consumer is not already set up as a provider, complete a DARS1768, Application for Payee Identification Number, as follows:

  1. Complete Section 1 of the form.
  2. Use Federal Facility Code 12 if the payee is a consumer or Federal Facility Code 13 if the payee is the consumer's parent or legal guardian.
  3. Do as follows, in Section 4:
    • Indicate if the payee is a consumer or the parent/legal guardian of a consumer
    • Specify the type of payments that will be made to the payee
    • Request that the payee be tied to the specifications for that type of payment

When advance payment is authorized, payment authorization must be delegated in accordance with current ReHabWorks procedures.