Advance payment or prepayment occurs when payment for a consumer service is issued before the service is delivered. Payment usually is not made in advance of service.

In many cases, advance payments are issued directly to the consumer or a member of the consumer's family.

Consumer services for which advance payment may be authorized include:

  • consumer maintenance;
  • consumer transportation (such as airfare, train tickets, and bus tickets);
  • weekly or monthly bus passes;
  • child care; and
  • tuition.

The table below lists the only circumstances when advanced pay may be issued. Advance payments may be received and authorized anytime from the "as early as date" to the actual completion date of the service. The date entered in the receipt acknowledgment in ReHabWorks is the receive date.

Advanced Pay Situations

Pay as early as

Maintenance and transportation paid to the customer

Seven days before the start date

Academic and vocational training and training-related services (when provided by an accredited college or university over a semester or quarter)


  • Tuition at an accredited college
  • RN or LVN training at a tax-supported hospital

Time of enrollment

Vocational or technical training (when provided by an accredited college or university)

Time of enrollment

Room and board paid to an accredited college or university

14 days before the start date

State board licenses

14 days before the start date

For example, if room and board had a start date of 8/16/2015 and an end date of 12/17/2015, caseload carrying staff could receive payment any day between 8/2/2015 and 12/17/2015. If the receipt is entered on 8/7/2015, the receipt date is 8/7/2015.